The Martin-Faixó’s, natural from Cadaqués, are a family that embraced the idea of a restoration process of the vineyard that had been on the family’s property for years. In 2000 they started anew in the, then new, Parc Natural de Cap de Creus. 4 years later they were harvesting for the first time in ages. In 2007 the first wines are sold: Cadac 04, Perafita O5, Picapoll 07 and the dessert wines, all of them under the DO Empordà. A year later the Rosat 08 will enter the round. The wine, Perafita, takes his name after the house that holds the winery, bought in 2003 to be added in the families plot. It divides the municipalities of Cadaqués, Port de la Selva i Roses. The Faixó part of the family had been dedicated, traditionally, to the grapetree cultivation, and the Martín side was the first one to open a restaurant in town.

Since 35 years ago, Can Rafa, the restaurant of the family, has been dedicated to fish and local specialities in Cadaqués. The new generation have unified both currents in the family: vineyard and catering, to offer the experience of Celler Martín Faixó.

Nowadays, a total of 16 hectares hold the five varieties cultivated in the area: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Picapoll and Mouscat of Alexandria.

In the year 2010 the hotel of Sa Perafita opens its doors to the public, offering a joint experience of wine making and the scenarios of Costa Brava.

Wine tourism

The change to enjoy with both, the land and the sea, tradition and progress in an unchangeable landscape will make you thrill every second of your stay with us in Mas Perafita. There you will be able to taste our wines Martin Faixó in a personalized tasting, stroll around the vineyard, and all in all, be happy in a magic place that will make you feel at peace See more


Carretera de Cadaques s/n, 17488 Cadaqués,

9am to 9pm from Monday to Sunday